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About us

“We have become estranged from one another, seduced by a culture of individualism and cynicism which leads to isolation and division.”

Do Justice is an initiative led by the Caritas Social Action Network (CSAN), an agency of the Bishops’ Conference dedicated to addressing poverty and injustice in England and Wales. Inspired by the love of God for all people, CSAN operates as a member of Caritas Internationalis, the global expression of charity within the Catholic Church, spanning over 160 countries.  

Do Justice is grounded in the Christian principles embodied by the first Christians, motivated by the love of the risen Christ to become ambassadors of reconciliation and strive for a world of peace and justice.

Through Do Justice, we’re encouraging Catholic parishes and schools, individuals and communities to take meaningful action in response to the urgent needs within their communities.  

The meaning of justice:

“To do justice is to work to ensure that people have what they are due for a fully human life.”

Do Justice has a focus on social justice, that is the relationships between people and between people and institutions. Where those relationships are breaking down, where individuals and groups are not flourishing because of injustice or exploitation, the work of justice is called for, inspired by love. 

We support and encourage all forms of justice: – commutative, distributive, legal – founded on the principle of the dignity of the human person. We want to pay witness to, to celebrate and to demonstrate what it means to do justice in all the forms it can take, but with an emphasis on what’s going on in society, especially as it affects people who are most disadvantaged. 

We act with awareness and understanding

To effectively challenge and create change we must be alive to the issues around us. Do Justice arms people with the understanding of the causes and reasons for injustice, informing and empowering them to affect change more impactfully.

We need people to pay attention, to witness the injustice happening to fellow humans in our communities in our society and act with understanding togetherness and solidarity. 

We are all responsible for all

Justice is everyone’s right. Every human being has a duty to contribute as well as receive, though it is not simply ‘us’ helping ‘them’

Rather than a focus only on giving charitably to those in need, we must also recognise ourselves for what we are, human beings who are wired for connection, who need each other. We can then act from a place of understanding and solidarity; that we are all responsible for all.

We power agency and empower dignity

We empower people, putting them at the heart of what Do Justice means.

As a part of Do Justice, you are an agent of change, of transformation and spiritual and civic renewal. Together we identify ourselves and our fellow humans with dignity and love and empower others to do the same. Do Justice powers agency, awareness and advocacy, reflecting justice for all people and their communities. 

We are bold and bright - full of hope and optimism.

We share and inspire through our acts of justice. Although there is much injustice to tackle in our communities, we equally raise our voices in recognition of the good and the just to inspire hope and start from a place of celebration.

There is so much to be hopeful about. We want to create a sense of confidence that only God can give to change society for the better.

Photograph supplied by Caritas Salford

A Vision for Spiritual and Civic Renewal in England and Wales

“The Gospel begins with compassion but does not end there. Love insists on justice.”

Our compassion has never been more valuable. If people are hungry, we must feed them. If people are homeless, we must shelter them. However, within our compassion, there is a passion to affect change that also addresses these causes of hunger, of homelessness. To defend the dignity of the person also means to identify and challenge the causes of injustice. 

Do Justice is moving the needle from compassion alone, to compassion and justice. By becoming a part of Do Justice, you play an active role in realising our vision, making lasting positive change in your community and in our society.  


Raise your voice for good and make a commitment to spiritual and civic renewal in your community today by making the Do Justice pledge.