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We are stronger together.

The biggest driving force behind the Do Justice campaign are the people, parishes and schools that generate awareness, hope and above all positive action through love, dignity and justice in our communities.

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Do Justice in Action

There are so many ways we can Do Justice in our communities. Here are some examples of the kind of action you can take to make a difference for the people who need it:

Get together:

Arranging events, talks, fundraisers, or school assemblies to raise awareness of the Do Justice vision shared aims. Initially, this could be a ‘get together’ in your parish to discuss what your local needs are.


Volunteering in your school, parish, or community, such as helping at a food bank or soup kitchen, or simply visiting a neighbour in need.

Nominating a Do Justice champion

Nominating a Do Justice champion, a person or group putting their faith into action and inspiring others to do the same.